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  • We supply products manufactured coast to coast
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"We have been doing business with Jeff and the staff for years now. Always helpful and easy to get a hold of on the phone. Very, Very Knowledgeable on materials and takes time to explain cost shipping and product variations."
David H. - FASTSIGNS - Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Rating

"Jeff was very helpful in helping me figure out my marketing needs in different products that he carries. He was prompt in getting products shipped out to me in a timely and less costly manor! "
Michael Johnson - Philadelphia PA
5 Star Rating



We negotiate special pricing on behalf of FASTSIGNS as many times possible and with pricing that includes the ability to include as many normally charged add on features at or below stock versions pricing of that product. Many FASTSIGNS stores when asked, provide us with the budget we need to meet or beat so they can end up with a sale that incudes meeting their client's budgets too. Our website does not provide prices on any product or the ability to purchase any product directly from our site. When a company catalog is provided, it is purely for product information only since we do not work off any specific pricing structure. Banner Marketing Group is set up to take our cost including freight charges and provide FASTSIGNS with a price that helps both the franchisee and their client at the same time. Whatever amount of profit is left for us will be the price we offer FASTSIGNS. Every sales opportunity is so different from the next. Even if we sold a FASTSIGNS store a particular product and quantity for "X", it's always possible we may need to come in at a lower price (which means we make less profit) than the previous sale due to the end using client' of this new opportunity needs the FASTSIGNS to come in at a lower price. Due to the fact we do not specialize in one specific product line, even if a FASTSIGNS store requests a product that is not featured on our website, we find product and begin negotiating pricing that includes all the specifications they need to make a sale.


Below is a partial list only of product lines we offer. If you do not see what your client needs, please ask us and we will find the product that includes the specifications while meeting yours and their financial budgets. We specialize in finding or developing custom product versions from stock versions of the same product.

Advertising Products
Aerial Advertising
Aluminum Banner Frames
Aluminum Frames
Auto Dealer Supplies
Banner Frames & Displays
Banners Flags & Pennants
Changeable Banner Graphic Frames
Changeable Letter Signs
Changeable Wall Mural Frames
Christmas Decorations
Color Charts for Ink, Fabric & Visibility
Custom Neon & LED Signs
Custom Printed Banners
Custom Printed Carpeting
Custom Printed Floor Mats
Custom Printed Mats
Custom Printed Pennant Strings
Custom Printed Table Cloths
Custom Printed Tags
Custom Printed Tape
Custom Printed Tents
Custom Printed Umbrellas
Decals and Labels
Double-Sided Giant Air Tubes
Fabrications and Supplies
Flagpole Accessories
Flags of all kinds including every custom shape, size, fabric, slogan, image, style, single & double-sided, Feather, Rectangle, Tear Drop & Swivel.
We have over 40 U.S. manufacturers we work with.
Giant Size Steel Flagpoles
Ground Stake Braces
Holiday Decorations
Home and Garden Décor
Inflatable Advertising
Large Format Graphic Banners up to 16' high with no seams
LED Outdoor Signs
Light Pole Displays
Marking Flags
Numbers and Equipment
Officially Licensed Products
Outdoor Advertising
Parade Float Advertising Products
Pennant Strings
Photo Tubes
Plastic and Vinyl Roll Banners
Quickstand Cell Phone Stand
Reflective Mirror Disc Billboards
Reflective Mirror Discs
Signs of All Kinds
Solar Lighting
Table Cloths
Table Top Disposables
The Pennant Pole
Theatrical Fabrics
Tradeshow Displays
Unlimited Size and Media Style Snap Cap Frames
Wall & Truck Aluminum Frame Banner Billboards
Wall & Truck Graphics
Wall and Truck Banner Billboards
Wholesale Graphic Design Services
Windshield Numbers
Windshield Slogans

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